Underwood International College, Yonsei University:
  • UIC3637: Being and Truth (UIC Seminar).
  • UIC3574: Formal Methods (UIC Seminar).
  • UIC2101: Critical Reasoning.
  • UIC1901: World Philosophy (Knowledge, Virtual Reality and the Internet).
  • UIC1901: World Philosophy (Epistemology).
  • UIC1901: World Philosophy (A Philosophical Introduction to Decision Theory).
  • UCS1001: Freshman Seminar.

    Department of Philosophy, Yonsei University:
  • Studies in Analytic Philosophy (Alethic Pluralism). (Fall 2012.)

    University of Copenhagen:
  • Introduction to Social Epistemology. Co-taught. Graduate level.
  • Graduate level supervision (2 master's theses and 10 independent studies covering topics in social epistemology, mainstream epistemology, formal epistemology, philosophy of mathematics).

    University of Aberdeen:
  • PH 5031: Epistemic Disagreement. Graduate level.

  • PHILOS 199: Directed Research (nine upper-division independent studies in epistemology).
  • PHILOS 174: Topics in Theory of Knowledge.
  • PHILOS 99: Student Research Program (lower-division independent study in epistemology).
  • PHILOS 22: Introduction to Ethical Theory.
  • PHILOS 21: Skepticism and Rationality.

    University of St. Andrews:
  • LM1006: Introduction to Logic.
  • LM1007: Knowledge and Reality.
  • LM2001: Logic and Philosophy of Science.
  • PY4000: Basic Meta-Logic. Graduate level.
  • Introduction to Analytic Philosophy.